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Showcase your travel chronicles in our stunning handcrafted photobook. We’re one of the few companies who uses handcrafted bookbinding, a time-consuming yet high quality process. Made with the finest imported linen, our handcrafted photobook is completed with Expert Color, which perfectly matches your original photos, and UV printing to customize your book titles. A luxurious album that is long-lasting and forever inspiring.


Cheyenne Green-Grey Linen
Beige-Grey Linen
Brown Linen


Travel Chronicles, Casual


Large: 308mm x 261mm
Small: 265mm x 215mm


36 pages
Additional page (Large): HKD $80.00 / 4 pages | USD $10.00 / 4 pages
Additional page (Small): HKD $50.00 / 4 pages | USD $6.50 / 4 pages
Maximum 120 pages

Production Time

8 working days (excluding the day of uploading files)
Urgent orders to be sent to Hong Kong can be processed in 5 working days. You can purchase expedited production service after typesetting.


Hong Kong in-store pickup: Free
Hong Kong: Cash on Delivery
International: USD $18.00 per order

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Expert Color

This innovative printing process uses the printer’s entire color gamut to perfectly match your original photos. The outcome is rich photos with accurate tones and gradients. This process is featured in our Classic Album, Linen Album, Handcrafted Photobook and Simple Photobook.

UV Printing

This environmentally friendly printing process uses ultraviolet light to dry and cure solvent ink. This helps us precisely print your personal touches directly onto your Classic Album, Linen Album, Handcrafted Photobook and Simple Photobook.

Handcrafted Bookbinding

Our company is one of the few remaining album creators to utilize the vintage art of handcrafted book binds. Though this process is laborious, it creates high-quality, durable Handcrafted Photobooks and Simple Photobooks that will last a lifetime.

Rich Black Printing

Used in our Simple Photobook, Rich Black Printing is perfect for large areas of black, or black and white photos. This process produces a deeper black tone that creates striking images with high contrast.

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